Sunday, January 21, 2007

Richard Musgrave and Jesse Burkhead

I read in Greg Mankiw's blog ( that Richard Musgrave passed away.

Musgrave was a hero at the Maxwell School when I was a student there some 30 years ago. He visited and gave guest lectures in a heavy accent. He was a short man and already then he had a huge mane of white hair.

Musgrave was a star at Maxwell not the least because the focus of research at Maxwell was set by my teacher, the late Jesse Burkhead. Jesse emphasized the expenditure side of the budget. All the PhD students worked on productivity measurement in the public sector. We all read repeatedly Musgrave's The Theory of Public Finance as well as the Burkead and Miner Public Expenditure.

It was very clear to all at Maxwell that Musgrave initiated a revolution in public finance by introducing analytics. Burkhead used Musgrave's framework to do empirical work.

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